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Classifying Wagyu Genetics and the Effects On Your Beef

Wagyu beef is a premium dish, featuring tender cuts that are marbled to perfection. While this dish has become a hot choice for premium dining across the globe, many people are unsure as to what Wagyu is and why it costs more than your normal flank steaks.

Colorado Reserve Wagyu is here to provide 100% Fullblood Wagyu to chefs and breeders across the country. Our ranch in Elizabeth focuses on humane and ethical processes to ensure the best outcome for our customers. We’re here to serve as your source for the best Wagyu beef for sale, and will be happy to help you find a delicious outcome for your needs.

Today, we’ll begin to clear up some of the confusion by discussing how essential genetics are in Wagyu beef by highlighting four popular classifications. Browse our shop to find the best meat available, and reach out to us for complete assistance!

Wagyu Classifications

F1 Wagyu

50% Crossbred — This is among the most common types of Wagyu found in the United States, being the offspring of a conventional cow mixed with a Fullblood Wagyu. F1 Wagyu can be an ideal option for many customers because the Wagyu can be bred with one of numerous species to enhance their current genetics. Ranchers will often mix their Fullblood Wagyu with Angus, for example, benefitting from the marbled flavor of the best meat available while also providing genetics to make the cow larger, producing much more meat with more marbling.

F2 Wagyu

75% Crossbred Wagyu — Ranchers will continue to breed their cattle to make the most of the high-value Wagyu genetics, crossing a Fullblood with an F1 Wagyu to create a lineup of choice meats. F2s tend to result in more marbling over F1 cows.

F4 Wagyu

95+% Wagyu — The same process can be utilized to produce additional generations of Wagyu cattle, introducing your crossbreds with a Fullblood Wagyu to increase the prevalence of taste and marbling. Breeding your F2 Wagyu with a full-blooded Wagyu bull will result in an F3. Coming in at 87%, F3 Wagyus can be bred with Fullbloods to create F4s, which are often referred to as “Purebred Wagyu.”

Fullblood Wagyu

100% Fullblood Wagyu are the offspring of two fully pure animals of the same lineage. In order to qualify as 100% Fullblood, Wagyu cattle will need to undergo a blood or hair sample test to verify their genetics. Keep in mind that there are less than 6,000 Fullblood Wagyu across the country, making our animals a premium choice in dining. Professional chefs, proactive family cooks, and everyone in between can benefit from the delicious perfection of our American Wagyu!

Wagyu Versus Kobe Beef

We hear a lot of confusion over the differences between Kobe and Wagyu beef. It’s important to tell you that Kobe beef comes from Wagyu cattle, and the name comes from Japan’s Hyogo Prefecture. The capital city here is Kobe, which regulates the guidelines for raising and breeding Wagyu cattle.

Genetics + Healthy Practices = Perfect Meat

Colorado Reserve Wagyu places a premium emphasis on the genetics of our Wagyu cattle, but it’s important to remember that genetics does not determine your meat’s quality, flavor profile, or marbling. It’s important to focus on raising and breeding practices to ensure the best outcome for this highly coveted breed. Every ranch is different, making it important for discerning consumers to find a trustworthy source for premium cuts. How you feed and raise your cattle can play a large role in the final

Try Our Certified Wagyu Beef!

Unfortunately, the United States currently does not have a system to differentiate between the different classifications we have mentioned. This makes it essential for you to find American Wagyu that you can trusted for its quality in genetics and flavor. Colorado Reserve Wagyu is proud to offer Fullblood Wagyu and meats to customers across Metro Denver and beyond. If you’re interested, just ask for our certifications — we’ll be happy to provide them!

Our team strives to provide the best feed and care required to create quality results. If you’re interested in purchasing our Wagyu beef, feel free to browse our online shop to find the right fit for your budget and flavor needs. Are you interested in our genetics to create your own F1 Wagyu? Contact us online to learn more about our Seedstock Program!