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Our Seedstock Program focuses on developing, improving, and providing the highest quality Wagyu genetics for both commercial producers and fellow seedstock producers.

Our herd is heavily Tajima-influenced, and we strongly believe in what the Tajima strain has to offer genetically for the future growth and acceptance of the breed in the commercial cattle sector.

Why Tajima?

Commonly referred to as the marbling Wagyu, this bloodline is known to produce the best quality of marbling available. These Wagyu cattle tend to be smaller in frame and grow at a slower rate, but the quality of meat yielded makes it all worthwhile.

All Kobe beef is comprised of Tajima. It’s important to know that Wagyu beef is the same product, simply grown and produced elsewhere. Contact us today to learn more about the genetics behind our Wagyu beef, and be sure to shop online to experience the best flavor across the globe!