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What is Wagyu Beef?

Colorado Reserve Wagyu at Lone Star Ranch is here to serve as Denver’s source for world-leading Wagyu beef. Taste enthusiasts around the world know how exceptional the marbling and flavor are in premium dishes such as Kobe beef, and are willing to pay the premium prices associated with this perfectly produced meal. You are likely on this page because you are interested in learning more about the unbeatable flavor and marbling of Wagyu Beef, and we’re happy to help!

What is Wagyu Beef?

To start, Wagyu  (waa-gyoo) is a breed of cattle. The phrase itself translates to “Japanese cattle,” (Wa = Japanese, Gyu = beef) which can lead to some confusion when using phrases such as American Wagyu. This premium meat has been perfected over centuries by Japanese cattle farmers who strive to maintain a pure bloodline in order to maintain the absolute highest level of meat quality.

Across the globe, Wagyu beef is considered a delicacy, yielding a marbled fat content to create a juicy tenderness that is well worth the price tag. If you’ve never tried the unbeatable flavor of responsibly raised Wagyu, be sure to check our online shop to find the right meats at the right price!

Locations and Misnomers

Many consumers have heard of Kobe beef, and seek out this specific type of meat based on its reputation. This process has led to a lot of confusion between Wagyu and Kobe, and we’re here to set the record straight. Wagyu beef is named based on its genetics and the location where the cattle was raised. Kobe beef can only be raised in the Kobe city area of the Hyogo prefecture. 

If you are trying to source Wagyu beef straight from Japan, you will likely find these three major locations/brands:

  • Kobe Beef — Raised in Hyogo prefecture (Kobe city)
  • Ohmi Beef — Raised in Shiga prefecture (Ōmi Province)
  • Matsusaka Ushi — Raised in Mie prefecture (Matsusaka city)

American Wagyu Beef

Many consumers search for American Wagyu Beef because they want to enjoy the flavor profile of this legendary meal, and often source their premium meats from American farmers for the best balance of authenticity and flavor. Unlike Japanese Wagyu, which is held to strict marbling and quality standards, cattle raised elsewhere across the globe are not held to the same requirements. Therefore, it is important for you to check with your American Wagyu retailer to learn all about the genetics behind your investment.

The American Wagyu Association was founded in 1990 as a source for regulation in the US and Canada. This entity strives to regulate and support humane Wagyu cattle practices.


Discussing Wagyu Genetics

As the content has established thus far, the bloodline of your Wagyu cattle is important in creating the most consistent and full-bodied flavor possible. Genetics are integral, especially when Wagyu beef is sold outside of Japan. Many American ranchers crossbreed their Wagyu with other breeds (such as Angus), and may not adhere to proper restrictions and guidelines.

Throughout history, Japan has raised six different breeds of cattle, with four in particular being the top choices for quality meat. 

  • Japanese Black (Kuroge Washu) — Representing a majority of Wagyu cattle in Japan, the Kuroge Washu line is heavily influenced by the Tajima line. Most Wagyu beef found for sale will come from this lineage due to its amazing marbling ability.
  • Japanese Brown (Akage Washu) — Small, stocky, and tan in color, Japanese Browns make up 1/5th of the Wagyu beef market.
  • Japanese Shorthorn (Tankakushu) — Supplying a small supply of the market, Japanese Shorthorns are dark red in appearance and raised almost exclusively in the Tohoku Region.
  • Japanese Polled (Mukaku Washu) — Considered an endangered breed of cattle, the Japanse Polled make up a very small percentage of the Wagyu market.

We Carry Fullblood Wagyu

With all of the commotion associated with buying quality Wagyu beef, it can be hard for discerning customers to source the right cattle to provide unsurpassable tenderness and flavor. Colorado Reserve Wagyu at Lonestar Ranch in Elizabeth offers only the best products available, including our Wagyu beef for sale and our Seedstock Program. Our herd is heavily influenced by the Tajima line, which we specifically chose for the best flavor, tenderness, and marbling potential.

Responsible, Sustainable Practices

In order to qualify as high-quality Wagyu, farmers must ensure that their beef adheres to the most humane practices. If you have heard that Wagyu cattle receive massages and rewards, the truth is a little bit more practical:

Colorado Reserve Wagyu focuses on creating the most beneficial process for both the cattle and our customers, relying on scenic pastures and responsible practices to provide Wagyu beef that is perfectly tender, unbelievably marbled, and free from any unhealthy hormones or additives. Over the years, our Wagyu ranch has worked to perfect our nutrition program, and our team is always looking for ways to improve the genetics of our cattle in addition to our practices in raising them.We understand the importance of perfection when it comes to providing the world’s best beef, and are excited for our customers to taste the Wagyu difference!

Why is Wagyu so Expensive?

From top chefs and food enthusiasts to restaurants, retreats, and more, our Wagyu beef is available as a premium source of marbled beef. As a premium food source, Wagyu is in high demand, which contrasts against Japan’s strict regulation of their cattle and genetics. According to a variety of sources (including Reader’s Digest), less than 185 cattle were imported to the United States between 1976 and 1997. Japan has worked to keep control over the Wagyu beef market, but more and more Americam sources are rising to the occasion.

With so few sources of quality beef available in combination with the strict standards, Wagyu has been in high demand for meat lovers. There are fewer than 6,000 Registered Fullblood Wagyu in the US, making it difficult for beef connoisseurs to source authentically delicious cuts. This species of cattle takes up to 36 months to reach full size, which is more than double the amount of time for normal cattle sources.

Simply put, Wagyu beef is expensive because it is the best. From the lineage of your cattle to how they are raised and harvested, every detail matters when it comes to cooking the best possible beef.


Tender, Delicious, and Healthy?

One surprising thing to learn about Wagyu Beef is that it is actually healthier for human consumption than most other meats available. Why? According to the American Wagyu Association, monounsaturated fats are more plentiful than unsaturated fats in Wagyu beef. Additionally, the saturated fats found in Wagyu are more healthy, consisting of stearic acid. Unlike other acids, this fatty substance does not negatively impact cholesterol levels. Wagyu also yields a higher concentration of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which has a direct link to being a healthier option for meat connoisseurs. The AWA claims that Wagyu beef holds about 30% more CLA than other brands of beef.

Try Our Wagyu Beef Today!

Our Colorado ranch takes a holistic approach to Wagyu cattle, carefully managing our rangelands and genetics to ensure our customers benefit from the best beef available this side of the Pacific. We focus on raising our cattle right, plain and simple. From our responsible feeding and sustainable farming practices to DNA testing, genetics verification, and more, we’re ready to offer top-notch flavors that are worth every penny.

Seedstock Program

Colorado Reserve Wagyu is dedicated to refining our program, and improving our Wagyu beef genetics to help ensure your future operations succeed. We’ll be happy to serve as your genetic supplier for high-quality cattle, whether you’re hoping to improve your herd or need a new source for breeding. Many breeders benefit from the renowned quality of our Wagyu in combination with their tested and proven lineage. Learn more about the value of our genetics before contacting us today!

Beef Program

If you’re interested in the unmatched tenderness and flavor of Wagyu beef and wish to benefit from the taste without the breeding program, Colorado Reserve Wagyu proudly offers packages through our online store. You can buy a whole cow, consisting of 650 pounds of premium steaks, ribs, roasts, ground beef patties, and soup bones priced at $11 per pound. When you consider Wagyu beef’s pricing (between $60 and $120 per pound in most markets), it’s easy to see why investing in a whole cow can provide serious flavor and value!

We also offer halves and quarters for those interested in the unbeatable flavor of Wagyu beef without the bigger commitment. Browse our online shop to find the right fit for your needs, and prepare to never go back to normal beef!

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Whether you’re ready to invest in the best Wagyu beef in the Denver Metro area, you’re interested in boosting the genetics of your own cattle, or you have questions about any of our programs, feel free to contact us online or fill out the form below for assistance. We look forward to helping you benefit from our superior genetics and superior practices, and can’t wait for you to taste the premium difference!