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A half includes approximately 320 pounds of vacuum packaged Wagyu Beef. Priced at $12.00/pound, you will not be disappointed!

Tenderloin Steak4 lbs
 Ribeye Steak20 lbs
NY Strip Steak19.2 lbs
Top Sirloin Steak11 lbs
Sirloin Tip Steak15 lbs
Eye Of Round Steak6.4 lbs
Tri Tip Steak4.8 lbs
Flat Iron Steak4 lbs
Skirt Steak4.4 lbs
Flank Steak7.2 lbs
Chuck Steak6 lbs
Chuck Arm Steak15 lbs
Top Round Steak18.2 lbs
Tri Tip Roast4.4 lbs
Chuck Roast16.5 lbs
Rump Roast10 lbs
Dino Ribs18 lbs
Korean Style Ribs9 lbs
Brisket Point4 lbs
Brisket Flat4 lbs
Ground Beef90 lbs
Burger Patties20 lbs
Beef Shank(Soup Bones)15 lbs
Total320 lbs
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$3,840.00 $3,800.00

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