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The History of Wagyu Genetics and the Value of Our Modern Wagyu Beef

Modern chefs and culinary connoisseurs alike are on the lookout for ultra-rich beef to satiate the finer palates. If you’re looking for the best beef across the globe, you’ve likely heard of Wagyu beef. Originating from Japan, Wagyu beef has become a top delicacy for diners of all preferences, relying on ethical ranching practices to…

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What Is Wagyu Beef? Colorado Reserve Wagyu Explains

These days, taste connoisseurs are on the lookout for delectable meals and unbeatable dining experiences. If you’re a meat-lover, chances are that you’ve already heard of Wagyu beef. At the very least, you’ve heard of the superior flavor of Kobe beef. All across the globe, diners are seeking out the unsurpassable taste and tenderness of…

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Classifying Wagyu Genetics and the Effects On Your Beef

Wagyu beef is a premium dish, featuring tender cuts that are marbled to perfection. While this dish has become a hot choice for premium dining across the globe, many people are unsure as to what Wagyu is and why it costs more than your normal flank steaks. Colorado Reserve Wagyu is here to provide 100%…

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